1930 Furniture Catalog

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"Furniture of Hard Maple is again in great demand because of its long duration and marvelous beauty of grain. It assures such stability of construction and lasting satisfaction that dealers can highly recommend its use to their most particular customers.

"We are illustrating herein many new designs featuring Walnut and Enamel finishes, as well as Maple."


1930 Catalog Pages

The 1930 catalog consisted of 15 3/4" X 10 1/2" paper printed two-sided, folded, and collated.

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Front Cover
This is one half of the back page folded to show just the right half of the page.

Page 1

1930CatlgPg02at50Page 2 (Back of Page 1)

1930CatlgPg03at50Page 3

1930CatlgPg04at50Page 4 (Back of Page 3)

1930CatlgPg05at50Page 5

1930CatlgPg06at50Page 6 (Back of Page 5)

1930CatlgPg07at50Page 7

1930CatlgPg08at50Page 8 (Back of Page 7)

1930CatlgPg09at50Page 9

Page 10 (Back of Page 9)

Page 11

1930CatlgCvrBckat50Page 12 (Back of Page 11) When folded, the left half of the page is the back cover.

1930CatlgCvrat50When folded, the right half of the page is the front cover.

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