The Wood School

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WoodSchoolAt710The Wood School
The school was located in southwest Benzie County on County Line Road south of Putney Corners.


woodsh2At710pxWood School Class of 1931-1932
Teacher: Maude Putney. Left to Right. Front Row: Dorothy Robbins, Helen Fargo, Dorothy Zilch, Jean Coons, Edith Little, Warren Putney, and Carl Green.
Middle Row: Frank Dietrich, Kenneth Green, ? Fargo, Arthur Little, Donald Letteau, Beulah Putney, Patricia Curtis, and Milo Fargo.
Back Row: ? Fargo, Harlow Taylor, Grace Taylor, Teacher Maude Putney, ? Fargo, ? girl, Floyd Green, Doris green, and Ethel Fargo.


woodsch1At710pxWood School Class of 1933-1934
Left to right. Teacher: Lottie Heath. Front Row: Dorothy Robbins, Doris Cady, Helen Fargo, Ella Cady, Dorothy Zilch, Edith Little, Jean Coon, and Ethel Fargo.
Back Row: Willy Little, Carl Green, Warren Putney, Beulah Putney, Doris Green, Donald Letteau, Keith Fargo, Arthur Little, and Milo Fargo.


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