The Arcadia High School

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By 1910 a larger and better equipped school was needed. Until then only grades 1-8 were taught.

The Twin Schools were moved. The former Burnham School building was moved to Third Street. Charlie Matteson bought the building and renamed it Woodman Hall. A few years later it was moved again to the NW corner of Oak and Third Street. The other Twin School building was moved to the northwest corner of Lake and Fourth Streets and was used as a store for a number of years.

The School Board at the time consisted of Dean Hull, Henry Mauntler, and Luther Finch. Dean Hull supervised the construction of the new cement block school. Many people remember seeing him watching over the job almost every day. The lower six grades now had an enrollment of 55 students and was taught by Miss Enos (who later became Mrs. Stella Potter). Mr. R. R. Bannon was hired as Superintendent and taught seventh, eighth, and ninth grades.

Construction of the High School began in fall of 1910. On September 22, 1910 the Manistee Daily News had an article about laying the corner stone of the new school house.


Laying the Cornerstone
This photo shows the celebration in September 1910, when construction was underway for the new school at the NE corner of 4th Street and Lake Street. (Zoom in for a closer view.)

In the fall of 1913 Arcadia High School opened as a full 12-grade school. Mr. Bannon was still superintendent. The first high school class graduated in the spring of 1914. The class of 1914 had two graduates, Earl Finch and Harold Crain.

In 1933, the gymnasium was built with W.P.A. funds This addition onto the back of the school provided much needed room for recreation and sports for the students and townspeople.

"The school buildings have been moved off the school grounds and work will begin immediately on the new school house." -- Manistee Daily News. August 2, 1910.

"The new school house is progressing rapidly." -- Manistee Daily News. September 16, 1910.

Finished High School
The beam above the door says Arcadia High School, but the school taught students in grades 1-12.


On the left through the trees you can barely see the gymnasium built onto the back of the school.

In 1935 the Gabel and Swamp Schools were consolidated with Arcadia to form the Arcadia Township Unit School. Home Economics and Shop were added to the curriculum, and the faculty was enlarged.


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