Donations Help Us Secure the Museum's Future

We have only begun to find, exhibit, and preserve the artifacts and documents pertinent to Arcadia area history. Things gathered and exhibited thus far in our museum have created great interest, but, as with all museums, to maintain interest and simply do our job, we must strive to increase and vary our exhibit holdings.

Arcadia Area Museum Fund

With security and professional management utmost in mind, the Commission has contracted with the Manistee County Community Foundation to create an on-going endowment fund called the "Arcadia Area Historical Museum Fund." The purpose of this fund is " foster and promote historical preservation within the Township, to formulate and implement plans for historical preservation, and to acquire, operate, and maintain suitable facilities for the maintenance and preservation of historical artifacts.

If you wish to donate to this fund, please make your check to "MCCF Arcadia Area Historical Museum Fund," or donate online.  For more about the Manistee County Community Foundation, see To donate online, in addition to the amount and other details, make sure you specify the following:

  • For Area of Interest, choose Select Field of Interest>>.
  • For Search by Foundation, choose Manistee.
  • For Fund Name, choose Arcadia Area Historical Museum.

Tax Credit

A taxpayer can reduce Michigan Income Tax or Single Business Tax liability by a credit of 50% of the amount contributed to a community foundation such as the Arcadia Area Museum Fund, subject to a maximum credit of:

  • $100 for an individual filing singly (based on a $200 contribution)
  • $200 for a married couple filing jointly (for a $400 contribution)
  • $5,000 or 10% of tax liability before claiming any credits, whichever is less, for taxpayers filing Michigan Single Business Tax returns (for a $10,000 contribution)

If You Need Help...

For assistance with the museum fund, check with your tax advisor or contact an MCCF representative:

Manistee County Community Foundation
395 Third St.
Manistee, MI 49660

Executive Director: Laura Heintzelman
Phone: 231-723-7269
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Foundation Site:

The Manistee County Community Foundation meets the standards established by the Council of Michigan Foundations, which includes an annual audit. Our museum meets the first of the MCCF basic goals: "The establishment of endowed funds that can be used for the betterment of the community."

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Do you have history to share?

History is being made daily. As Ken Burns said, "History lies not just in the world's 'big events' but also in the little things that go on all around us every day." Perhaps you are doing something, possess something, or know something right now that is worth preserving and passing on to future generations. If so, please contact us.