General Store

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The Arcadia General Store is an exhibit containing articles that might have been found in a general store from a hundred years ago. This exhibit includes cash registers, a scale, a record keeping system, and examples of many products sold in such a store.

Animated View: Arcadia General Store
Walk toward the back of the carriage house and look to the right. This is the "Arcadia General Store," an assembly of things you might find in a general store including some real Arcadia artifacts such as the McCaskey Safe Register and the Matteson Store desk.  (4 images, 2 second delay)

McCaskey Safe Register
The firsst few "pages" list the people with store accounts and their account numbers. The pages in the back had numbered mouse-trap-like clamps that held each person's unpaid receipts. A person could make a purchase in the store and charge it to an account, which would add a receipt for that purchase. When someone got paid, they would come to the store and buy back their unpaid receipts. All of this could be locked up when not in use.

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