The Gilbert House

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The Arcadia Area Historical Museum occupies the Victorian style home built by Howard Edward Gilbert in 1884. It stood on a high bluff on Norman Road known as "Dry Hill" several miles northeast of Arcadia. The lookout tower was used by Mr. Gilbert to sight Lake Michigan steamboats coming into the Burnham Pier where his sawmill was located. The house was moved to its current location on November 15, 1994. After significant renovation, the Arcadia Area Historical Museum's Grand Opening took place on July 15, 2000.

The Gilbert Exhibit
This exhibit includes photos of the Gilbert home and items belonging to the Gilbert family.

Closeup View of the First Shelf
This photo shows some of the memorabilia included in the exhibit.

Closer View of the House
When this house was moved to Arcadia, the tower was missing and much of the detail had deteriorated. Notice how similar the building is to the renovated building housing the museum.

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