Martineau Drug Store

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MartineauDrugStoreThe Martineau Drug Store
The building on the right was the Martineau Drug Store. The building on the left was a bank and then the post office.

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These museum pieces came from the drug store building that is still standing at the southeast corner of Lake and Second Streets. The drug store was a center of activity providing not only medicines, but also ice cream sodas, a place to pay utility bills, and the site of the local Greyhound bus stop.

Mus2012DrugstoreMartineau Drug Store Exhibit
This display case includes a variety of products sold at the drug store from medicines to pipe tobacco. On the top of the counter on the left is a photo Mr. and Mrs. Martineau, the drug store's proprietors along with items from the soda fountain. On the right is a photo of Doc Jamieson, his bag, and some medical equipment.

DocJamiesonat50Doctor Jamieson
Dr. Jamieson was the town doctor for quite a while. This is his photo and bag.


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