A Walk Along Old Lake Street

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  5     The Second Street Neighborhood

ArrowDownAt14px Walk west on Lake Street to Second Street.

ArrowDownAt14px Look up Lake Street toward First Street.

Lake Street almost to Second Street Looking West
In the middle of the photo, the wide path to the left is Second Street. The Company Store in the background is at Lake and First Street.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk a little closer to Second Street.

Almost to Second Street
The building on the right is the Foster Hotel.

North ArrowRightAt14px


ArrowDownAt14px Walk to Second Street.  Look right.

Other Nearby Views

The Foster House
The light colored building identified here as the Foster Hotel stood at the northwest corner of Lake Street and Second Street. Hidden behind the trees on the left is the Ruprecht Hotel.

The Louis Foerster Hotel, later known as the Foster House or Foster Hotel, was constructed for use as a lumberjack boarding house and consisted of two large buildings. One was for sleeping and dining. The other was a dance hall, saloon, and a small bank.

Carl Pickert operated the Foster House saloon. He purchased the hotel from Louis Foerster about 1920. The Pickert Hotel buildings were demolished in 1930. Pickert Park was dedicated on the site in the summer of 1955 as part of Arcadia's 75th Anniversary Celebration.

Ruprecht Hotel and Foster House
This photo was taken when the trees were still small. The Ruprecht Hotel is on the left next to the Foster House.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk past the hotels. Look Right.

Rubel House
Carl Rubel came to America from Germany in 1882 and, after a short stay in Pennsylvania, lived in Arcadia for 39 years. He worked as a laborer for the railway and in the Starke sawmill.

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