Walking Tour:
The Weidman-Gilbert House

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The Site Today: The southeast corner of 2nd and Oak Streets

This house was built by Hiram Wilson, a wholesaler of undertaker supplies. It is supposed that he also used the spacious dwelling as a boarding house for area lumbermen. About 1905 the building was purchased and used by Edwards Undertakers. they later abandoned the structure, and it remained vacant for many years. In 1938, Elmer and Elsie Weidman purchased and restored the home. In 1940, while M22 was being constructed over the bluff north of Burnham, ten highway engineers and supervisors were housed here and fed by Mrs. Weldman. It became the residence of Richard and Yvonne weidman Gilbert in 1962 and was completely renovaed. the home was purchased by the Lutheran Camp Association in 1998 and is used as its Camp Director's residence.   

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