Other Web Sites Providing Historical Information about the Arcadia Area

Michigan History Center

This site provides a wealth of knowledge about Michigan history. This includes a tour of the Michigan Historical Museum, details about historic sites in the state, old photographs, help for teachers, and stuff for kids.

Seeking Michigan

This is "the online platform for the Michigan Historical Center. It includes Archives of Michigan research guides and indexes, a blog, and educator resources – all from the Michigan Historical Center and Archives of Michigan staff." It also provides access to events, research services, stories about what happened on today's date, county clerks, death records, and much more. There's a lot to explore here.

Pure Michigan's Historic Sites

This is Pure Michigan's search engine for finding places of interest to you such as museums (including Arcadia's) and lighthouses open to the public. "From bridges to battlegrounds, lighthouses to mansions, museums to maritime military theaters. Michigan attractions have it all."
Note: We had some problems using the search engine with Windows 10's Edge browser, but Chrome worked well.

Manistee County Historical Museum

This is the Manistee County Historical Society's web site. It contains information about the museum in the Lyman Building, the Waterworks museum, a summary of current exhibits, and lists of research collections. To join the Society, click here.

Maritime History of the Great Lakes

"This site is an ongoing experiment in the design of a "digital library", a collection of documents intended to be of value to those researching Great Lakes History."

Bowling Green State University's Historical Collections of the Great Lakes

"These projects are an attempt to take existing data sources and reformat them for online access. The HCGL has a collection of vessel data sheets created over the past thirty years and a collection of approximately 90,000 images of Great Lakes vessels. This image database is the end product of combining these two data formats into an online tool for researchers."

Wisconsin's Great Lakes Shipwrecks

"Explore Wisconsin's Great Lakes shipwrecks through underwater video, historic photographs and archeological discoveries."

Michigan Law About Recovering Artifacts

These are the Michigan Legislature's "Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 15 of 2016" describing the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (Excerpt), Act 451 of 1994, Part 761, Aboriginal Record and Antiquities.

The Beaver Island Historical Society Web Site

Although this web site focuses on Beaver Island, its description of history, historic sites, and early settlers add to the patchwork of individual stories that comprise the history of this area.

Michigan Historical Markers

This site summarizes over 1,800 markers and includes photos of most of them. According to the site's author, "Each is a small piece of our state's past. When taken in total, they allow a more complete view of the development of the Great Lakes State."

The Ramsdell Theater

This is a commercial site that contains a section on the history of the Ramsdell Theater in Manistee, Michigan.

S.S. Milwaukee National Historic Landmark

Built in 1931, ..."City of Milwaukee hauled railroad cars between Michigan and Wisconsin for 50 years, serving the Grand Trunk Western, Pennsylvania, and Ann Arbor railroads." This web site provides photos and other information about this floating National Historic Landmark.

Michigan History Magazine

This part of the Michigan History Magazine web includes "selected short articles and excerpts from some of our most popular features."

Smithsonian Institution Libraries

This is featured content from the Smithsonian Institution's digital libraries including trade catalogs, images, online exhibitions, a search engine, and much more. You can get lost here.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has a copy of all media published in the United States, and much of that information is available online. These collections include American historical documents and international documents. In particular, see Digital Collections and Services.

NOVA: America's First Lady of the Air

This is an article about Harriet Quimby by Peter Tyson for NOVA's Online.  It focuses on her adult life as an aviatrix. NOVA Online also has an article called Antique Aviation by David Levin where you can listen to three pilots describe what it's like to fly pioneer aircraft including a Bleriot XI like the one Harriet flew.

The History Channel

This is the site tied to the TV channel, but it has much more than TV programs and movies. Do a search for "Michigan", and you will find stories about the Mackinac Bridge, building the first Corvette, the discovery of a wooly mammoth's bones in a farmer's field, what happened on this day in history, old photos, videos, and more.


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