Arcadia Baseball Teams

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These are examples of Arcadia baseball teams through the years. If you can add to this list teams, tell us more about these teams, help us identify players, or suggest corrections, please contact us.



1905 Arcadia Baseball Team

Back Row: Oscar Yunk, Herman Schroeder, Henry Schroeder, Henry Reitz, John Rubel
Front Row: Amiel Kawzinski, Jim Sleeper, Walter Klaas, Bill Reitz


1908 Arcadia Baseball Team

Back Row: Bill Zielinski, Frank March, Bill Ebert, Clarence Maple, Johnny Slubk, Mickey Welch, Ralph BossIn Front: Otto Lang
Second Row: Lyle Putney, Charlie Nelson, August Zielinski, George Riley, Art Chent, Eddy Lang
In Front: Otto Lang


1908-1910 Arcadia Baseball Team

Back Row: Ed Johnson, Frank Marsh, August Zelinske, Art Neuman, John Zilch, Bill Vogel
Front Row: Mickey Welch, Lyle Putney, Dave Reitz, Bill Zelinski, Otto Lange, Bill Ebert



1910 Arcadia High School Baseball Team

This photo shows the baseball team representing the new Arcadia High School built in 1910.



1913 Arcadia Girls Baseball Team

Back Row: ?, Ed Johnson 3rd Row: Altie Tondu, Emilie Hanson, Hannah Larson, Velma Sweeney, Laura Boss, Edna Moseler, Inez Field
Second Row: ?, Agnes Sweeney, ?, Beatrice Matteson, Agnes Johnson 
Front Row: Delia Sweeney, Eva Parrot, ? Parrot, Sarah Irwin



Arcadia's American League Baseball Champions 1931-1933

Back Row: Beverly Martin (manager), Stan Hull (2B, 3B, SS), Clifford Tondu (catcher), Claude Gilbert (coach)  
Second Row: Reinhardt Behrens (1B), Wyler Lindquist (CF), Earl Sunday (RF), William Behrens (1B, OF), Berthold Lemley (pitcher)
Front Row: Carl Meitz (RF), Chas. Boss (Pitcher), John Grund (3B), Phillip Grund (SS)



Late 1940's Arcadia Baseball Team  (Probably 1947 or 1948)

Back Row: John Milarch, Lyle Gilbert, Bud Rubel, Phil Gilbert, Alfred Behrens, Al Gilbert, Ben Johnson, Walt Bischoff
Front Row: Fay Gilbert, Everett "Daisy" Blue, Ted Richley, Dick Boynton


1950's Arcadia Baseball Team

Back Row: Veryl Gilbert, Everett "Daisy" Blue, Phil Gilbert, Bob Tondu, Jack Tondu, Jim Gilbert, Lyle Gilbert
Front Row: Raymond "Red" Knudsen, Wayne Gilbert

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