The Harriet Quimby Michigan Historic Site Marker

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On May 25, 2000 on the site of the Quimby homestead just outside of Arcadia, Michigan, an historic marker was dedicated commemorating the life of Harriet Quimby, journalist, and pioneer aviatrix.





The Historic Site Marker for Harriet Quimby
This marker identifies the Quimby residence on Erdman road just east of M-22, which is a registered Michigan Historic Site.




The Historic Site Marker Side B
This side of the marker summarizes the rest of Harriet Quimby's life.

The Marker Dedication Ceremony





Ed Y. Hall, Bonnie Hughes, and Brian D. Conway at the Marker Dedication Ceremony
Ed Y. Hall is the author of "Harriet Quimby: America's First Lady of the Air." Bonnie Hughes is the tireless researcher who tracked down the truth about Harriet Quimby's birthplace and childhood home. Brian D. Conway, State Historic Preservation Officer, is one of the people she convinced.

According to Brendan Straubel, Manistee News Advocate correspondent, "More than 100 people attended the ceremony, which featured speeches by state Historical Preservation Officer Brian Conway and Col. Edward Hall, author of a Quimby biography, and the reading of a letter from Michigan's first lady, Michelle Engler."

When presenting the marker, Conway said "In 12 years no other marker has stirred as much emotion as has Harriet Quimby's."

Bonnie Hughes pieced together a web of clues using local diaries, news articles, census data, plat maps, store ledgers, property abstracts, marriage records, affidavits, a disability application by William Quimby, and more in nine years of research to solve a mystery and convince state historic preservation officials that the Quimby family lived in the area in 1875 when Harriet was born and that she attended a local school.

Col. Hall said "Bonnie [Hughes] is the person who made the connections that bring us here today." He also emphasized Harriet Quimby's role in opening the door to opportunities for other women. "As we gather today, there are women right now on board the space shuttle. A woman today can dream of what she wants to do and go for it, because of women like Harriet Quimby."

Induction into Aviation Halls of Fame

On July 17, 2004, Harriet Quimby was enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame. On October 17, 2013, she was enshrined in the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame.


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