1908 Furniture Catalog

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We take pleasure in submitting herewith to the trade our catalogue of cheap and medium grade furniture, for the year 1908. Our plant is a modern plant, equipped with the best and latest machinery, and being in a timber country where raw material can be obtained at a very reasonable figure, we are enabled to offer our line in competition with any furniture of its grade on the market. Our print and finishing is of the highest standard. With increased capacity of warehouse room and other facilities added the past season, we are now in a position to handle your orders promptly. We solicit your business with assurance that the same will have at all times our most careful attention."


1908 Catalog Pages

These pictures show thumbnails of catalog pages arranged into two-page spreads.

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1908CtlgCvrat50Front Cover

1908CtlgCvrInsat50Front Cover Inside with Three Inserts

1908CtlgPg01at50Page 1

1908CtlgPg02at50Page 2

1908CtlgPg03at50Page 3

1908CtlgPg04at50Page 4

1908CtlgPg05at50Page 5

1908CtlgPg06at50Page 6

1908CtlgPg07at50Page 7

1908CtlgPg08at50Page 8

1908CtlgPg09at50Page 9

1908CtlgPg10at50Page 10

1908CtlgPg11at50Page 11

1908CtlgPg12at50age 12

1908CtlgPg13at50Page 13

1908CtlgPg14at50Page 14

1908CtlgPg15at50Page 15

1908CtlgPg16at50Page 16

1908CtlgPg17at50Page 17

1908CtlgPg18at50Page 18

1908CtlgPg19at50Page 19

1908CtlgPg20at50Page 20

1908CtlgPg21at50Page 21

1908CtlgPg22at50Page 22

1908CtlgPg23at50Page 23

1908CtlgPg24at50Page 24

1908CtlgPg25at50Page 25 Insert

1908CtlgPg26at50Page 25 Insert Back

1908CtlgBckInsat50Back Cover Inside

1908CtlgBckat50Back Cover


Page Inserts

The inside of the front cover has glued to it pictures of two pieces of furniture in addition to piece No. 252 shown above.



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