Museum Exhibits

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These are floor plans for the Arcadia Area Historical Museum and Carriage House showing the locations of exhibits in 2013.

Start of Tour: Museum Layout

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Harriet Quimby and Family Meitz Barber Shop General Store Hunting and Fishing Farming Arcadia Schools Dining Room and Kitchen Dining Room and Kitchen Washing and Ironing Carriage House Entrance Carriage House Entrance Museum Second Floor Period Bedroom Quilts and More Furniture Martineau Drug Store Keeping Things Cold Museum's Third Floor Museum's First Floor Second Floor Local Businesses and Musical 
Instruments Arcadia's Veterans Gilbert House Max McArthur Shipping Arcadia's Prehistory Furniture Company Office Parlor Railroad Lumbering Arcadia's Railroad Museum Third Floor Museum Third Floor Submarines Big Apple Stencil MuseumFloorPlan2013

Ways to Take the Tour

To view each display one display at a time, click the word Next on each page. Then to back up to the previous page), click the word Previous.

To go directly to a particular display, click a labeled area or room in the diagram on the left. When only one floor is visible (later in the tour), click the stairs to go to another floor and the first exhibit there.

Visit the real museum in Arcadia, Michigan. This online tour just scratches the surface of what you can see in the real thing, and the "brick and mortar" museum's exhibits change frequently.

A Quick Walk around the First Floor

As you step through the front door of the Arcadia Area Historical Museum, walk toward the gift shop, and slowly turn left, this what you would have seen in the summer of 2012.

Animated View
This is a series of photos assembled into a stuttering video. (43 images, 2 second delay)

After you pass the front desk, the Arcadia Furniture Company office is the first room on the right. This is where the tour begins.

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