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Trinity Lutheran Church

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LutheranChurchRoadChurch3rd Street near Lake Street intersection looking southeast.
The arrow identifies the church from among the parsonage, teacherage, school, and church.

The view from the opposite direction

Henry Starke donated the land on which this wood frame edifice stands. The total cost of the building was about $5,000. The church structure remains nearly the same today as when it was constructed, except the original side entrance at the base of the tower has given way to a central front door to better accommodate the entry of funeral caskets. The tower bell, which is 30 inches in diameter, was cast in St. Louis, MO and installed around 1888 at a cost of $75. The Century tower Clock built by Nels Johnson of Manistee was installed about 1890 at a cost of $300, and until recently it has operated accurately to within 3-4 seconds per month. The clock tolling is now performed by an electronic device using a recorded tape.

Inside the church has birds-eye maple pews, stained glass windows, and an antique tracker pipe organ that was installed in 1901 at a cost of $675. The organ was electrified in 1920 when electricity was introduced to the village. However, it is still operational by the hand-pumped bellows. The original kerosene chandeliers have been converted to electricity.  

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