A New Deal
By Charles Starke

"A New Deal.

"The President of the United States has promised us a new deal, and ever since his taking office he has been busy at making this promise good. It is, therefore, not necessary for us to refer to the different acts of legislation which have been passed by our Congress since that time. Suffice it to say that the evidences are there to really encourage us in our firm belief that Good Times are just around the corner. With this expectation in mind, we are herewith offering to our friends a catalog of cuts of the new Furniture which we have placed on the market.

"Our plant is very well equipped with machinery of every kind for economical production. We have a good stock of bone-dry home grown Michigan Hard Maple Lumber stored in our own lumber yard at the factory, and a large amount of fine Michigan Hard Maple and other green Hardwood timber standing and growing in our own woods all ready to be cut into logs and manufactured into lumber and veneers at our own plan whenever needed, and thus add very materially to the lumber and veneer supply of the Furniture factory for many years to come. Thereby curtailing very considerably the outside purchases of lumber and veneers. Our splendid rail and truck connections and rates in and out also enable us to receive our foreign lumber and veneers, like Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, etc., and ship out manufactured Furniture on a very favorable basis.

"We also have a fully equipped Mirror Factory which fully meets all requirements of Mirrors in the construction of Furniture, etc. We also manufacture mirrors for others.

"Heretofore we have not had a sprinkler system. The low prices during the hard times enabled us to install a brand new modern sprinkler system through-out the plant, so that we are now saving considerable in insurance premiums and there is much less danger of losing the plant by fire.

"Our prices are low, and we invite the buying public to give us a trial. Come along with your orders and we shall serve you with reasonable promptness subject to the terms and conditions printed on our letter heads.

"Hoping to be favored, we remain

"Yours very truly,


"Arcadia, Michigan. May 1933.


This is the introduction to the 1933 catalog for the Arcadia Furniture Company. "CJS" in the signature line stands for Charles J. Starke, who ran the company.