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Closed for the Winter

Hours after Opening Day June 23, 2018:
Thursday-Saturday 1-4 pm
Sunday 1-3 pm

Arcadia Area Historical Society Meetings

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4th Monday of the Month
May through October
Arcadia Area Historical Museum

Next Meeting: May 28, 2018 at 7 pm
Everyone is invited.Museum090202The Museum on Labor Day 2002
The beautiful Victorian style museum located on Lake Street in the heart of Arcadia, Michigan was built in 1884 by Howard Gilbert, moved to this site, and rebuilt. Click here to see a photo of the opening ceremony held July 15, 2000.

Click here to see the awards to the volunteers who made all of this possible.

Museum Location

3340 Lake Street
Arcadia, Michigan 49613


2014-MDOT-Map-Pinned Courtesy of the Michigan Department of Transportation. Click here for a larger view.

Museum Events for 2017

Museum Restoration

In early October, the Museum was washed, scraped, and prepped for painting, the first paint job since the Museum opened in 2000. The carriage house was also washed to remove mold amd spruce it up too. Previously, to prepare for fall and the paint job, the ramp and deck were resurfaced; bushes near the building were removed or drastically trimmed to get them out of the way; and other plants were manicured as needed. We have been busy taking care of the buildings and grounds.

Scraped and Scaffolded

And voila! The results:

Museum Oct 2017
The Arcadia Area Historical Museum.
October 2017.

Cracker Barrel:  Country Schools
Sunday August 27, 2017 at 7 pm

Long after the establishment of Arcadia High School in 1910, country schools, usually one-room, were still much needed, and they flourished in Manistee and Benzie Counties. We have area citizens who were even attending them into the 1950s. In August, we plan to bring a few of these citizens together in a Cracker Barrel session and have them convey just what it was like to attend and possibly teach in a country, one-room school. This was a time when citizenship, practical problem solving, and values were an important part of the school curricula.

Museum Tours

Do you have a group that would like to tour the museum? Contact us to set up a date and time for 2018.

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