Tours through Arcadia's History

Map View of Arcadia: The Walking Tour

This tour has a map of key places all over the town of Arcadia. You can browse through the entire tour (virtually walking 1.5 miles), or you can get details about a specific location on the map.
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Street View of Arcadia: A Walk Along Lake Street

Imagine you're a photographer in the early 1900s. Starting from the corner of Sixth Street (M22) and Lake Street, walk west toward Lake Michigan. What photos would you take? This tour uses a series of photos, most of them from postcards, to show views along Lake Street in Arcadia, Michigan from the 1900s to 1930s.

This tour has two versions: A longer version broken up into neighborhoods with extra views of each neighborhood and a shorter version with fewer details that might be easier to use to "experience" the walk.

A Tour of the Arcadia Area Historical Museum

This tour has a diagram of the museum's first, second, and tower floors showing the types of exhibits currently in each area.
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Note: The museum's exhibits change often, so the details shown in the photos are probably out of date.