William Quimby's Application for Pension Benefits

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According to US Government records dated 1895, William Quimby applied for veterans benefits claiming he was unable to do manual labor as a result of "the hardships of Army Life." This is what he said in his application.

"Oakland, Calif July 11, 1895

Wm Loohron. Com. of Pensions Wash. D.C.

Dear Sir. On my return from Portland Oregon. Among my corespondance I found yours of May 11. In reply would say. After being engaged in several battles viz. First the battle of Ft. Meigs Mar 26. Sawdust the 29. Supporting Battery at Boynton Plank Road 30. Gravely Run 31.  Bat of Five Forks April 1st. While on march from the last named place Apr 3, I was taken with chills and fever. Also with diarhea. Did not think it was anything serious at that time. I used remedies which I carried with me. We marched to Appamattox Court House where Lee surrendered. From there to Washington to be reviewed. Was unable to attend the review. Was unable when we arrived in camp to be on duty. Was excused from such. Was treated by an Army Physician or he gave me med. I cannot tell his name. I also took remedies which was sent me by my wife she being a physician. After being discharged I returned to Ovid Branch Co. Mich. An invalid I had all I could do to survive until I reached home July 14th. Therefore I can truly say that I contracted my disability while in the service -- i.e. while in the line of duty not by any vicious habit. But from the hardships of Army Life. Have ever since been unable to perform manual labor for a subsistance. My P.O. address was Coldwater Mich while in Ovid. Was treated by Dr. Geo Ferguson of Coldwater. Have sent his affidavit. Also by Joseph C. Cook Ex. Pres of the Medical College of N. Haven Conn. Died March 1882 He treated me a number of years. Also taking our own remedies at times. He was a brother of my wife. From C. Water I went to Manistee Mich in 1867. From there to Bear Lake the same Co. the same year. P.O. Bear Lake. My business was to travel the country with our medicines which my wife manufactured until 1887. Came to California to Aroyo Grande San Luis Obispo Co. where I was engaged in the grocery business. P.O. Aroyo Grande. From there to Los Gatos Santa Clara Co. also in the same business. 1893 I came to San Francisco Lived on Larkin St. 327. Turk <?> Ellis 720. Sold medicines July 1894.  Moved to Oakland 757. Oak st. My business <?> able is traveling with medicine I'm sorry that I could not have applied at an earlier date. Hope you will excuse the delay.

     Thanking you for the past favors           I remain Yours Truly                Wm Quimby of 188 NJ Vol Co. B"
-- "William Quimby's Pension File." U. S. Government Records: 1895.

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