The Pierport School

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20 x 32 ft. with 11 ft. ceiling. Wood frame. Building commenced November 2, 1874. Built by H. C. Matteson, M. Swiger, Crabb, Keil, and Patch. The teacher was paid $100 for four months: two in the winter and two in the summer. School commenced January 11, 1875. Each scholar was expected to provide 1/4 cord of maple.


PierportSchoolMay1904at710pPierport school class in May 1904

"The new school house at Pierport was built by C. W. Perry and presented to the district at $300. The building is lathed, plastered, and well-finished in every respect, and would ordinarily cost $600." -- Times & Standard. January 30, 1875.


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