Newsletter Stories

These are reprints of stories appearing in Society News, the newsletter of the Arcadia Area Historical Society.

Picking Up the Pieces of the Earliest Arcadians
by Ed Howard
June 2009. Volume 15 Issue 1.

Sometimes History Finds Us
by Ed Howard
November 2009. Volume 15 Issue 2.

2010 Brings Two Centennial Structures
by Ed Howard
June 2010. Volume 16 Issue 1.

Bits & Pieces of Arcadia's Past
by Ed Howard
November 2010. Volume 16 Issue 2.

A Family of Dry Hill
by Ed Howard
June 2011. Volume 17 Issue 1.

A Real Barn Burner on Dry Hill
by Ed Howard
November 2011. Volume 17 Issue 2.

Remembering the Stores of Arcadia
by Ed Howard  
June 2012. Volume 18 Issue 1.

Local Pioneer Olivia Gilbert Arrives by Ship in 1863
by Ed Howard  
October 2012. Volume 18 Issue 2.

The Widows of Second Street
by Ed Howard  
June 2013. Volume 19 Issue 1.

A Yoke of Oxen
by Ed Howard  
June 2013. Volume 19 Issue 2.

This Being the 20th Anniversary of the Museum Move...
by Ed Howard
June 2014. Volume 20 Issue 1.

The Henry Clay Matteson Family: Record Keepers, Collectors, Builders
by Ed Howard
November 2014. Volume 20 Issue 2.

Joseph Tondu and His Family
by Steve Harold
June 2015. Volume 21 Issue 1.

Leo Hale's Watervale
by Ed Howard
November 2015. Volume 21 Issue 2.

Poneer Roads of Arcadia
by Ed Howard
June 2016. Volume 22 Issue 1.

Arcadia Firsts
by Ed Howard
November 2016. Volume 22 Issue 2.

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