The Gabel School

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"Arcadia will build a new school house in District No. 1, 24 X 36 with a brick basement. It will be the first one in Manistee County out of Manistee City."
-- Manistee Times & Standard. January 22, 1876.

This is Arcadia School District school number 1, the Gabel School. 


This is the class photo from 1914 when, as the photo says, Miss Marie Peterson was the teacher.

ArcadiaDist1Class710pxArcadia, Dist No 1, 1914 Miss Marie Peterson Teacher

This class photo was used as a Christmas card.

Arcadia School Dist No 1, Circa 1933-1934
Left to Right, Front Row: Leonard Nelson, Eugene Leuker, John Kuenzer, Don Leuker.
Second Row: Teacher Inez Crow, Jean Froats, Tom O'Rorke?, Ilene Keunzer, Jacqueline Burtker, Elfreda Cole, Dorothy Steffans, Ruth Briske, Margaret West, Mary Ellen Murray.
Back Row: David Nelson, Cora Schudlich, Emily O'Rorke, Helen Schudlich, Virgil Nelson, Dewey Hicks, Lyle Kuenzer, Josephine Burtker, Emily Schudlich?.



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