The Malcolm School

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This is Pleasonton Township School District No 2, also known as the Malcolm School. One acre of land was purchased from David Green for $50. F.M. Stockman constructed the building for $600. The school opened in September 1886.  

MalcolmSchool1901-1902At710Malcolm School for 1902-1902
Left to Right. Front Row: __?__ Reed, Clarice McKeen, Winifred Green, Marie Keillor, Jessie Wass, Gladys Green, Ewing Keillor, Willie Keillor, Walter Reed, Foster McKeen, Winnie Keillor, John Reed, Hope Keillor, Minnie Reed, ?, Bessie Snyder, Mary Mason, Bernice Wass, Eunice Wass.
Second Row: Frank Keillor, Ward Mason, John McKeen, Sherwood Lumley.
Back Row: Willie March, Fred Reed, Earl Reed, Alex Preston, Chester McKeen, Charlie Keillor, Elmer Alway (teacher), Ray Mason, Annie Lumley, Stella Lumley, Bessie Keillor.

In 1887, a board fence was built around the lot, and shade trees were planted. The belfry was added in 1888.

The Malcolm school was originally called the Wass School. It replaced a log school built in 1870 southeast of the new wood frame school's location. The log school called the Wass School or Old Log School. When the Starke Land and Lumber Company's narrow gauge railway was upgraded to standard gauge for the Arcadia and Betsey River Railway, land was purchased from Daniel Malcolm for warehouses, the pickle station, and store. On railroad maps, the stop was called Malcolm, so the school became known as the Malcolm School.

School Locations
The pushpin on the right marks the approximate location of the log school built in 1870. The pushpin on the left marks the location of the wood frame school built in 1886




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