A Walk Along Old Lake Street

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     The East End of Lake Street

Imagine standing on Lake Street just below Sixth Street, shown along the bottom of the map.

Lake Street almost to Sixth Street. View west. Winter.
Sixth Street, also called M22, runs from left to right about half way up the photo.

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ArrowDownAt14px Walk a few steps up the street.

ArrowDownAt14px Other Nearby Views

Lake Street at Sixth Street Facing West. It's summer.
On the left in the foreground is Matteson Manor built by William Matteson. On the right is the Matteson Store built by William’s brother Charles Matteson. Behind the Matteson Store is the Wareham Store and Macabee Hall.

ArrowDownAt14px The view to the right

Thompson's Gas Station and Diner
This building is on the northeast corner of Lake Street and Sixth Street.

ArrowDownAt14px Another view looking back

Same Building Later: Texaco Gas Station
This is northeast view of the same building shown above. This photo was taken around 1956 when the building was a Texaco Gas Station.

ArrowDownAt14px Turn your head farther to the right.

Standard Gas Station and Motel
This a southeast aerial view from the intersection of Lake Street and M22.

ArrowDownAt14px Cross Sixth Street. Look at the north side of the street.

Buildings along Lake Street Near Sixth Street
From right to left as if you were walking up the street are the Charles P. Matteson store, the Wareham store, Irwin's Blacksmith Shop, a house (hidden among the trees), and the Arcadia High School just barely visible in the background.

ArrowDownAt14px After walking across Sixth Street, look right.

The Matteson Store
This is the Charles P. Matteson General Merchandise store located at the northwest corner of Lake Street and M22. The building still exists on the site.

The Matteson Store was identical in style to several other buildings along Lake Street and was one of several general merchandise stores in the village. The second story served as a Masonic Hall after the Ebert Store was demolished.

ArrowDownAt14px Look across the street from the Matteson Store.
Matteson Manor
Matteson Manor
Built by the Matteson brothers, Matteson Manor was a fine hotel known for the excellent meals served in its dining room.

Matteson Manor
Matteson Manor in 1925
After the hotel closed, it stood vacant for many years. The building was purchased in 2000 and demolished because of its age and years of neglect.

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