A Walk Along Old Lake Street

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  2    The Fifth Street Neighborhood

ArrowDownAt14px Walk west on Lake Street toward Fifth Street.

ArrowDownAt14px Look west.

Lake Street at 5th facing west.
The twin buildings in the background right are Arcadia's twin schools at the corner of Lake Street and 4th Street. The photo was taken prior to 1910, when the twin schools were moved, and Arcadia High School was built at that location.



North ArrowRightAt14px


ArrowDownAt14px Stand in Lake Street just before Fifth Street. Look left.

ArrowDownAt14px Other Nearby Views

LangGasStationAt410pxThe Lang Gas Station
Ted Lang sold Sinclair gas on the corner of 5th Street and Lake Street. In the background between Fifth Street and Fourth Street is a vacant lot with a movie screen used in the summer for free movies. Four buildings that had been on that lot along Lake Street burned to the ground.


ArrowDownAt14px Walk past the gas station. Look back.

Filling the Gas Pumps
Ted Lang is on the right next to an unknown truck driver. In the background on the north side of Lake Street from left to right: a house, the Irwin Blacksmith Shop, the Wareham store, and the Matteson store on the far right.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk west half way to Fourth Street. Look left.

The Beaver Store.
This building was on the south side of Lake Street between Fifth and Fourth Streets. Built in 1900, this building changed hands several times and finally burned.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk past the Beaver Store, and look back.

Looking Back Along the South Side of Lake Street
From right to left: Beaver Store, Skinner Building, and Ed Skiera Pool Hall. The Smith Saloon and Fifth Street are behind the Pool Hall. Other buildings between Fifth and M22 are barely visible in the background.

An Aerial View of the Same Buildings
From right to left: Beaver Store, Skinner Building, Ed Skiera Pool Hall, and Smith Saloon. All four buildings would burn down in one night. Arson was suspected.

Looking Directly East
The Beaver Store is on the right.

ArrowDownAt14px Look ahead toward Fourth Street.

One of the Twin Schools
Before Arcadia High School was built, one of the twin schools was moved across the street to the northwest corner of Lake Street and Fourth Street. The Preston Saloon had been on this site, until it burned in the spring of 1897.

ArrowDownAt14px Stand in the middle of Lake Street between Third and Fourth Streets. Look east toward Sixth Street.

Lake Street Looking East to Fifth and Sixth Streets
From this point of view, the school would be on the left. In the distance on the left, you can see the Matteson Store. On the right along the side of the road, you can see the Lang Gas Station pumps at Fifth Street.

ArrowDownAt14px Almost to 4th Street. Look back and to the left.

Businesses just East of the Schools
From left to right: Parker Wilson Pool Room, Joe Veine Hamburger Restaurant, Edwards Garage & Hardware Store, Annis Home, Blacksmith Shop, Wareham Store and Macabee Hall, Charles Matteson Store

ArrowDownAt14px From Lake Street near Fourth, look to the right.

Lake Street and 4th Street Looking Northwest
This is where the twin schools were before they were moved. One was moved across Fourth Street. The other one, the old Burnham School, was moved to Third Street temporarily and finally to the northwest corner of Oak and Third Streets, where the building is today.

ArrowDownAt14px Look farther to the right.

Arcadia High School
Built in 1910, this was the school for all public school students in Arcadia, not just high school students.

ArrowDownAt14px What used to be on the corner

 The Twin Schools
Before the high school, these two schools were on the lot where the high school would be. The school on the left was originally in Burnham and moved to Arcadia.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk past Fourth Street and look back.

Arcadia High School
This is the view from Lake Street looking northeast to Fourth Street and the Arcadia High School.


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