Local Businesses and Musical Instruments

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The shelves on the wall include miscellaneous artifacts from local businesses including a local saloon, the Arcadia Meat Market, the Matteson store, the Wareham store, the cannery, and others. The display case on the floor has musical instruments from local musicians.

Mus2012BandNBusinessLocal Businesses and Musical Instruments
The shelves on the wall have items such as store tokens and ceramic souvenirs from Arcadia sold in local businesses. The floor display case has musical instruments used by people in the area including a drum from the Johnson Band described below.  (3 images, 5 second delay)

As this poster says... "As early as 1895 Arcadia had a band." A few examples:

Saxon's Band -- John Saxon managed the Arcadia House and played evenings at the hotel.

Kalbitzer's Band -- In 1903 a merchant named Kalbitzer took over the band. Kalbitzer's Band played regular concerts in what is now known as Finch Park. The band practiced in Kalbitzer's pig barn.

Johnson's Band -- In 1909, Ed Johnson, Kalbitzer's son-in-law, took over the leadership of the band. They played at all of the town's picnics, dances, and church events. They were invited to play in Manistee, Frankfort, and surrounding areas.

Band Poster
The trombone and coronet shown in this poster are included in the display case.

CanneryWhistleCannery Whistle
This is a closer view of the steam powered whistle used at the cannery.

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