A Walk Along Old Lake Street

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  4     The Third Street Neighborhood

ArrowDownAt14px Walk west on Lake Street to Third Street.

Look up Lake Street toward Second Street.  

Lake Street and Third Street Looking West
From here you can just barely see the Company Store in the distance. On the left through the trees you can barely see the buildings used for the bank or post office and drug store.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk a few steps closer to Second Street. Look right.

Shafer Store Front
This building was built to be an ice cream parlor by Orrie Lyons with bricks made in the cement block factory located on Oak Street. It has been home to many businesses but was best known as Schafer and Son Meat Market. In 1966, Schafers moved their business to M22 and Lake St., and the building stood empty until it was purchased in 1990. The storefront space was donated to serve as the temporary home of the Arcadia Area Historical Society. It has recently been renovated.

North ArrowRightAt14px


ArrowDownAt14px Look left.

Other Nearby Views

Post Office and Drug Store
The drug store (on the right) was built by Donat J. Martineau. After his death in 1924, his brother Albert inherited the business. For a time, the building had the only telephone in Arcadia; Albert personally delivered telephone and Western Union messages. Utility bills were paid here, hunting and fishing licenses were issued here, and Greyhound Bus passengers arrived and departed from this location. The soda fountain was a favorite gathering place. The post office, which was previously a bank, and drug store are now a privately owned residence.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk forward. Face the front of the Drug Store.

Mr. Martineau
This is a photo from 1956 showing the drug store's owner, Albert Martineau.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk just past Second Street. Look back.

Drug Store and Arcadia State Savings Bank
The Drug Store is on the right. The US Post Office is on its left. Prior to its use as a post office, the building was used for the Arcadia State Savings Bank.

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